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These Mayan Oracle Readings are based on The Dreamspell a Modern Version Of The Mayan Calendar a Form of Mayan Astrology


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The Mayan Oracle readings offered here are based on the Dreamspell
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This reading is based on your date of birth. It is similar to astrology, though it is more archetypal and symbolic. With an archetype, there is a lot of room to grow into its identity and field of vibration.
The information comes in two main parts.
Your Galactic Signature and the Oracle Reading.

I will give you both the information about you and your essential nature and the basics about the elements that make up this description.

Why ' Galactic Signature'?

Each frequency of Light, sound and energy in the spectrum is unique. Each of these unique waves is called a wave signature Essentially, each of us is a unique energetic wave frequency. Your unique wave frequency in the Dreamspell is called your Galactic Signature. The use of the term Galactic emphasizes the fact that we exist as part the whole system of Creation not in a tiny bubble called Planet Earth.

This is the energy essence for the day you were born and signifies your essential nature or underlying vibration, distilled as a poem. This represents you, your essential essence, the way you act creatively in the world and the powers that support you and help you to grow and evolve.

Your signature is composed of three major elements.

• One the Colour or direction, which is the source of your personal power.

• Two the Tone, or creative power.

• Three the Tribe, which embodies an archetypal energy.

First Element Your Colour. These colours and directions are the source of your intentions and the function of your being, your perennial function as a being, as a myth and your source fountain of etheric and practical power as you move through your life. This is why the signature always begins with the cardinal colour. The colour and direction are very powerful for determining not only what colours look good on you, but also in relating what grander elements and discernment you are revealing in this life.
Second Element Your Tone. How you create yourself in the world. The element or aspect of the creative process that you embody. How you contribute to all creative processes in your life and the lives of others. This is the pulse that determines your actions and reactions in the world.

Third Element Solar Tribe or Kin Your Eternal Essence. Your basic nature, the essence of your being, the mythos of your being, your source and your archetypal vibration, your fully incorporated and realized self, as a contribution to the ever evolving humanity. The solar tribe or glyph describes our general approach or perspective from where you view your relationship to your world. It is the lens through which we see, our personal perspective, aligned with an archetype.

Your Solar Tribe describes the archetypal aspects of your signature that you generally model or radiate. The tribe is essentially the mythological wisdom that you radiate and have as an asset for your life's journey. There are many different styles of relationships that your signature tribe will have with other tribes of the Tzolkin.
The solar tribes have been named "solar" because the source of the tribes' vibrations and resonance originates from our Sun. The Maya used a twenty base numerical system and overlaid it into a twenty day cycle. The tribe of your signature embodies the internal essence of your being, that which motivates you and the source of your intentions and accomplishments in your world. As you explore deeper into yourself, it is revealed that who we truly are, is so much more than who you think we are in our day-to-day lives. The tribe indicates the nature and frequency of your personal vibration.

The Second Part Of This Reading Is The Oracle Reading Or Cross

These are the other seals and energies that make up your reading, that are relevant specifically to your signature. These tribes that support you and help you to grow and evolve. Each has a different function.

Analog or Support Power: Shows the way to clarity & reinforces a signatures power. It shows the power that we can always draw from. The energy that supports the signature's essential power.

Occult or Hidden Power: Reveals hidden or as yet unseen information. Unexpected assistance that enlightens a mysterious helper that awakens our being. We often don't know how, but it helps us.

Antipode or Challenge Power: Challenges the signature to step out of its normal way of being in order to strengthen its intrinsic self. The challenge that strengthens the signature, that awakens our truths. It enlightens the shadows we keep hidden from our self and others.

Guide Power: The power that brings focus to the signature. Provides alignment and additional perspective. Tribes with a similar focus that assist in the completion and wholeness of the signature.

The last aspect to be considered is the Wavespell you are part of, the Seal for the year in which you were born and the corresponding Mayan Month.

A wavespell is a period of 13 steps, days, weeks, months years or other Mayan time periods. You were born into a 13 day wavespell which has a particular power or emphasis. The power of this may be reflected in your personal gifts or the things you are drawn toward.

Every year has a solar seal. These change every year and run through a cycle of four possibilities: Red Moon, White Wizard, Blue Storm or Yellow Seed years. Each year also has a tone this runs through a 13 year cycle. It takes 52 years to return to a year that has the same tone and solar seal. The tribe part of this will work with the tribe of your signature and effect the direction of you life’s destiny. The tone will point to the way you express your destiny or direction in life.

The Dreamspell has 13 months each with a particular energy and focus which contributes to the overall energy that is you.

These readings come in a PDF Format and contain written information and graphics .
Currently they are about 16 pages in length and contain detailed information on the areas described above. The Cost is £20. I send them via email and a quickly as I can do the readings and depending on my schedule usually within 5 days.

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The Dreamspell

The Traditional Mayan Calendar is a complex thing and the Mayans actually follow 17 different calendars that track different aspects of life and the cosmos. The Dreamspell is a modern version of the Mayan Calendar based on the same mathematical principles and time codes as the traditional calendar. The Dreamspell developed by Jose Aguelles in 1989 is a modern Harmonic Calendar that is accessible to every citizen of the world no matter what cultural background or leanings and for many is a suitable starting point for understanding the human relationship to galactic time and its impending influence as we approach 2012.

The Calendar is an often neglected aspect of daily life and one that goes unnoticed as and excepted part of daily life. But the truth is far from this and the calendar in fact controls most of what we do in life, it tells us when we work when we rest, defines special days and designs the very ebb and flow of our lives. For those familiar with the Medicine Wheel and in particular the Twenty Count the calendar is a part of measure the tenth power and as such the highest in the material world of the So Below and the gateway to the As Above.

As serious study of the calendar and its impact on the life and consciousness of human beings is revealing. If we look at the early calendars of our ancestors we see that there was a cross cultural continuity throughout the world. They were based on the interrelationship between the Sun and the Moon and were a reflection of what we might call natural time. The word month comes from the Moon and these calendars had thirteen months based on the phases of the moon and the cycles of the Sun and the Earth. Among the cultures that held these were the Druids, Chinese, Vikings, Mayans, Inca, Lakota, Egyptians and many others.

These original calendar were for the main part Harmonic in that their was an equal distribution of days (28) within the 13 month format, often with an odd day so that the calendar was comparable with the solar year. The harmonic nature of the calendars and their connection with the cycles of the sun and the moon allowed a connection to the greater cycles of the universe which connected the people to the cosmic source.

Within the Myth of the Dreamspell, it is said that the world before 3114 BC was matriarchal with the power of the Goddess being the dominant force. But around this date in Babylon a group of male Priests and Warriors conspired to subvert the power of the Priestesses and the feminine in order to take power for themselves. They did this by changing the calendar and the nature of time itself and in doing so redirected and corrupted a vast cycle of time. This changed the nature of natural time and ushered in the the beginning of the age of materialism, where Time = Money. They did this by losing the 13th month of the year and the Power of the 13 from the consciousness of the people. The did this by basing time on the circle which is space not time and creating the 12 month year.

Babylon and the sprouting cultures of the Euphrates created a template for what we understand as civilization and the dominance of patriarchal power. Many people see civilization as a positive thing, but it created city living and the beginning of the split between humans and nature, organised warfare, slavery and material greed. The template was created and in this mould His-story was born and unraveled through countless empires.

The Romans who are credited with the creation of the word 'calendar - a devise for controlling the payments of debts,' had a vast understanding about the use and abuse of material power and the control of their populations, both within their national boundaries and beyond into the lands of the people they conquered. They were towards the end of their empire dominated by secret societies, dedicated to the acquisition of worldly power through dispossessing the people from their natural birth right. Understood the power of the calendar as a tool of control and subjugation, Julius Caesar at the height of his power imposed the Julian Calendar as just such a tool to control his massive empire and the populations within it.

The Julian Calendar which is the basis of the Gregorian Calendar we use today. Is totally inharmonic with its unequal months and carries the name of the Tyrant July and August being based on his name Julius Augustus. The names of the months (September the 9th month means 7 not nine, October 8 not 10, November 9 not 11 and December 10 not 12) mocking the people upon who it was imposed.

The Gregorian Calendar imposed by Pope Gregory soon after the conquest of the America's merely added a leap year to control the positioning of the Easter. We are today controlled by this and are approaching the end of the cycle that was subverted by the equation Time = Money as it reaches the full height of its destructive force. The Cycle equal to the 'Long Count 'of the Mayan's finishes on the Winter Solstice 2012, completes this cycle and open new opportunities.

Jose Aguelles suggests that the Dreamspell, a Harmonic Calendar based on the frequency of 13:20, is based on the equation Time = Art(the perfection of our human selves) rather than the 12:60 (12 months and 60 minutes of the clock that characterizes Time = Money), has the power to take our consciousness out of the prison of old time and its material rather that spiritual values, into a new era that is in alignment with the universe as a whole and Creation itself.

There is much to learn about this subject and for those who are interested I suggest the following web sites that have examples of the calendar to download and a host of information on the Dreamspell and the concept of New Time + links.:- / /


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